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We offer microdose capsules, chocolates and medicinal mushrooms.

Breakthrough Therapy

FDA designation of microdosing therapy approved in 2019.

Feeling Stressed?

Microdosing mushrooms lowers anxiety and depression.

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Microdosing Mushrooms Improves Holistic Health

All of our products we cultivate and produce in-house to ensure the highest quality.

Dosage Experience

Micro Dose

150mg – 600mg
enhanced mood
improved focus
increased energy

Macro Dose

1.5g – 2.0g
mild euphoria
acute vision
altered sound perception

Full Dose

3.5g – 4.0g
ego dissolution
kaleidoscopic visuals
time dissociation

Mega Dose

6.0g – 7.0g
out of body experience
altered senses
spiritual awakening

Our Products

If you’re looking to improve mental health, we offer microdose capsules that include a blend of functional mushrooms. A wide variety of dosages are available. Results from microdosing are long-term and do not have any adverse effects if taken with medication.

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Cooking chocolates is a culinary art and we create each order with love. All ingredients are Non-GMO Project verified. Discover a new alternative to treating anxiety & depression without any side effects.

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Dried mushrooms can be consumed without any processing if you want to try a macrodose or full dose. We recommend this option only if you have experience and are looking for a reputable seller.

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